Monday, November 28, 2011

அண்ட்ராய்டு போனில் தமிழ்..!

கார்த்திக் ராஜா- 

தமிழ் மென்பொருள் -Tamil fonts in your android phone


  1. Need a android rooted phone
  2. need to have some descent file manager (Super manager is good)
  3. (need to super user (SU) access to the file manager.)
  4. download the file and rename it to DroidSansFallback
  5. move to this folder /system/fonts (make sure you are in read / write mode. if you su access then it will ask for r/w mode.)
  6. switch to r/w mode.
  7. replace the font.
  8. reboot.


if nothing woirks try more than once.

it may show not enough memory space to re write the font. then u must understood you didn't correct read write acess. please do the same operation again after restarting.

Thanks to தேட வைத்த நண்பர்கள்..! ஹாஹா! 

download the ttf here: Download ttf

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